Camera fittings

Many dash cams can be plugged in to your cigarette lighter for power. Having it permanently installed by one of our expert technicians means the power cables can be neatly hidden behind your dash board and wired to your car’s ignition. This frees up your cigarette lighter for you other in-car gadgets!

Getting your camera professionally installed via Auto Windscreens costs £48. There are no further costs - we’ll even put in your SD card so it is ready to go as soon as we leave.

To speak to our expert advisors and arrange your camera installation call 0800 999 5000.

Cameras are available to buy via our partner VisionTrack.

Why you need a camera?

Having a camera installed in your vehicle can benefit you for a number of reasons:

  • Insurance claims - the footage can be used for evidence during an investigation in to an insurance claim. It can establish who is at fault and help speed up the claims process.
  • Evidence - as cash-for-cash scams become more frequent having a camera can help provide evidence for the police to help convict other motorists.
  • Improve your driving - having a camera can encourage you to drive safer as you are aware it is recording your every move.
  • Protection

  • Safety

  • Evidence