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Advanced Driver Assistance systems, or ADAS, are the sophisticated systems developed to enhance vehicle safety and better driving. The safety features are designed to avoid collisions by alerting the driver to potential problems or implement safeguards that take over control of the vehicle. The system operates a number of features including Adaptive Cruise Control, Assisted Braking Lanes Departure and Sign Recognition.

Windscreen repairs through Auto Windscreens typically have no impact on your no claims bonus. We always strive to repair your windscreen instead of a replacement. This ensures where applicable, the excess is smaller, saving you time and money at every opportunity.

If you have a fully comprehensive insurance policy, there is no additional cost to you; however some insurance policies may charge a small excess payment for a repair. If replacement glass is required then you will have to pay an excess value that usually ranges from between £50 and £100 depending on the type of policy and the insurance company; either way we'll ensure you understand any costs before we finalise your booking.

A windscreen chip repair will usually take 30 minutes to complete, if weather conditions dictate the use of our van canopy then the repair time will be around 40 minutes in total, accounting for the deployment of the canopy.

Once the repair is completed the vehicle can be driven immediately.

Once a windscreen chip is repaired the damaged area will not totally disappear. There will usually be a small scar/mark left in the damaged area; the scar can often visually resemble a small dried raindrop.

Yes as a windscreen is crucial to a driver's visibility, an MOT takes into consideration the state of your windscreen and the impact any damage may have on the driver's visibility.

As a small windscreen chip can easily develop into a crack, or result in a failed MOT, it's important you have your windscreen chip repaired before your MOT assessment.

For your car to pass an MOT, the windscreen must not have a chip, larger than 10mm, in the line of your sight while driving. A chip larger than 40mm anywhere else on the windscreen can also result in a failed MOT.

Unfortunately, we're unable to repair your side window due to the toughened glass that is commonly used. This type of glass is designed to fracture into small pieces unlike a windscreen that will remain intact upon impact. This means that your side window needs replacing before you can safely drive again.

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